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PPA Takes To Media Speaking Out Against Anti-Gambling Bill

The Poker Players Alliance took to the media in order to speak out against the Anti-Gambling Bill that is currently being reviewed by the US Senate. This bill sets out to ban all forms of online gambling in the USA.

Poker Players Alliance

The Executive Director behind the PPA issued a statement against the new legislation brought senate by a US Senator and Representative. The statement reads the following, “These two new anti-online gambling bills trample over the rights given to citizens of the USA. Our main concern is that if the US Senate approves these bills then our country will continue to destroy massive industries that can earn huge tax revenues for the USA. Online gambling can be regulated on a federal level.”

He continued saying, “Today there are three different states that offer legal and regulated online gambling. New Jersey, one of the states that offer online gambling earns more than a million dollars each month in Tax Revenue. That amount grows with each passing months, imagine that revenue times 51. Our country would be far better off with legal online gambling and the revenues brought in from various states.”

Thousands of members of the PPA have sent emails and letters to their representatives, governors and senators. These members do this in hopes that one day online gambling can be legalized in the USA. As of right now there isn’t any word on if the US Senate will legalize or ban online gambling on a federal and state level across the USA.

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Playtech Games Launched On Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes, a well known United Kingdom land based and online based operator had their online casino shut down for nearly two weeks. Today Ladbrokes announced that they have re-launched their online casino, the casino re-launched under the Playtech software.

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Ladbrokes previously boasted an array of different developers that all offered a different experience. Certain punters would prefer one software over another and it caused for major issues with the software developers that Ladbrokes licensed. This in return made Ladbrokes re-evaluate how their online casino should run and that is why Ladbrokes removed all of their previous software. You can now experience video poker, online bingo, live dealer games and slots at Ladbrokes Casino.

The biggest perk available to punters due to this transition is software is that more promotions will be offered by Ladbrokes and the promotions will be more affordable for punters. This essentially gives the Ladbrokes punters a better opportunity at winning big bucks.
Managing Director for Digital Entertainment at Ladbrokes, Jim Mullen made a statement regarding the re-launch of the Ladbrokes casino saying, “By choosing to switch over to the Playtech software, we have been able to give our customers a market leading software that has become popular throughout the years. It will enhance the experience we offer and it’ll better the winning opportunities of our punters.”

He continued stating, “The Ladbrokes team has spoken about switching our software many times in order to give our customs a better gambling services through one developer. Unfortunately it took us a long period of time before we were able to afford purchasing the rights to use the Playtech software.”

Jackpot Party’s Closure Confirmed By WMS

Williams Interactive LLC, the previous owners of Jackpot Party confirmed earlier on this week that it’s online casino will be closing down and be converted into a new online casino named “Slots Magic”. This new casino will be owned by SkillOnNet, the gambling firm that purchased WMS and Jackpot Party.

Williams Interactive LLC noted that they as a company are planning to move onwards into the publishing and distribution of casino games exclusively. This means that they won’t have to deal with the extra work that comes with running an online casino.

Chief Executive Group Chief for Williams Interactive Orrin J. Edidin commented on the deal they made with SkillOnNet saying, “We operated, our previous online casino for four years and we realized that we cannot provide the experience we truly wanted due to us having to operate the online casino. We are now going to focus solely on creating casino games so that we can better the experience we provide to our loyal fans. We know that SkillOnNet will be able to convert Jackpot Party into their new version of the casino “Slots Magic” perfectly. We wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to take over the casino and software developers behind the games offered at the casino.”
Slots Magic has yet to gone live in the online gambling market but SkillOnNet has openly said that they are working around the clock in order to give their loyal fans the new experience their looking for.

Delaware’s Online Gambling Market Continues To Struggle

The lottery division for the state of Delaware announced earlier on this week a series of stats for their online gambling industry. Through these stats you can tell that the Diamond State is continuing to struggle with their online gambling industry.

According to the lottery division in Delaware online gambling was only able to bring in a total of $145,276 in the month of January. This does show that the online gambling industry has grown by 3.7% since the month of December. This is small in comparison to the growth that they had in November to December which was 57%.

Internet online poker was the main form of gambling when it came to tax revenues. Online poker was able to bring in a total of $88,390 of the tax revenues for the month of January. This shows that Delaware players prefer online poker over any other form of gambling that the diamond state has to offer.

These numbers are considerably worse when you compare them to New Jersey. The Garden state brought in the total amount of $9.5 Million during January.

The amount of people that are located in Delaware seems to be the main issue for the state. The state only has a total popular of just nearly one million dollars. It also has been said that the citizens in Delaware don’t make enough money to wager a large amount of cash on each spin or hand they make. We are unsure as to what is going to happen with the online gambling industry in Delaware now.

Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot triggered at $988,405

A lucky punter hit the jackpot of his lifetime while playing at the Marvel Ultimate progressive jackpot. The jackpot actually shocked him and he still can’t believe it.

The details of the jackpot and the winner are unknown currently as it was triggered only recently. The details will be published shortly.

Playtech has developed a variety of games that entertain players. It is a company that has garnered a lot of attention due to the interactive, innovative games they produce. They have released many slot games that come under the theme of the marvel comics. The series includes Iron Man 2, Iron man, Hulk, X-Men, Wolverine and many others. The progressive jackpots come under four different forms namely power, extra power, super power and ultimate power. Any of these progressive jackpots can be triggered randomly at any point during the game.

Players who play with the max bet have a better chance of triggering the jackpot. The various wagering requirements vary from $0.001 up to $1000 for every spin. A grid of squares discloses about 3 matching jackpot symbols and the player is awarded when any of the four progressive jackpots match. This is not the first time where someone won a huge amount as it has happened many times.

Rumours state that the lucky punter will invest part of his winnings and take off for a holiday with the remaining amount. He states that it was a huge win and he was shocked after it happened.

Ladbrokes launches new live dealer format

Playtech, a company that produces software for online gaming casinos, has entered into a partnership with Ladbrokes, a giant in the online gaming industry.

According to the agreement between Playtech and Ladbrokes, all the products from Ladbrokes will be moved to platform of Playtech, just in time before the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Ladbrokes initially switched from MPN, while was known as Microgaming formerly, somewhere in December 2013. The migration of all the back office operations is under its way.

The Digital Managing Director from Ladbrokes, Mr. Jim Mullen spoke about the live dealer games. He said that this arrangement actually extends Playtech’s market range to Ladbrokes’ customers. This launch is followed after the delivery of Vegas tab consisting of casino games in July, Mobenga mobile app, and sports betting app, in December and Playtech poker launch just before Christmas.

The customers of Ladbrokes can now enjoy the games whenever they want through Playtech’s live casino. At the beginning of the launch, about 6 live dealer tables will feature blackjack, baccarat and Hold’em. One can play these live casino games using an iPad. The games realeased boast of high technology with great effects that are sure to appeal to the players.

After the financial figures were seen, it appears that Ladbrokes has been suffering badly with a decrease of about 28% in profits. Many analysts state that this could be a last ditch attempt, however, they also say that Ladbrokes could be taken over by Playtech at some point in the future.

Malware Bug Targets Online Poker Players

A Russian Malware virus has struck the online gambling industry by force! All online poker players are now being warned to watch for any Russian Malware on their computer. This virus is specifically designed to target online poker players and has caused damage to many who have been infected by it.

The malware is called i2ninja and it can be spread through a variety of methods such as spam emails, attacking websites that have exploit kits on them and also through previous botnets that are still active today. Those who are infected by this new malware computer virus will have their information comprised, meaning you’ll lose personal information or credit card information. The bug has been designed to target only online poker pokers and the virus is now on several well known online poker brands. Until the virus is resolved it has been recommend that online poker players don’t gamble, this way your computer won’t be affected by any viruses.

Players who want to protect themselves from the virus in different ways should be careful at which online poker room they play at, watch the attachments you open via an email and make sure that your anti-virus software is at its latest update. At this stage it would be ideal not to register with any poker room unless you know of it and it has been around for some time and has proven as a safe site to play at.

Location Errors Narrows Down To 10% in New Jersey

Geolocation errors have been a major issue for New Jersey’s full launch of legal online gambling. Residents located near the boundaries of the state haven’t been able to access the legal online gambling. This is due to the boundaries of New Jersey hitting New York State, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The amount of areas that were located in these Geolocation Errors have yet to be released by the firm that has been helping resolve the issue. GeoComply has noted that many citizens within the bordering states have been trying to access the legal online gambling. GeoComply has been working around the clock so that it may solve the current Geolocation errors that still stand as an issue.

New Jersey had more gambling news coming out of their state other than the Geolocation Areas. Payment transactions haven’t been processed correctly for certain players within the Garden State. The issues have been resolved and credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard have increased the amount that players may deposit.

Overall the launch of legal online gambling in New Jersey has gone well, the amount of people registering accounts within the state is growing each day. New Jersey stands as a hallmark for what the other states in the USA should be doing. As more states continue to legalize online gambling the government will take a look at the profits being gained from the states and then legalize online gambling on a Federal Level.

New Arcade Game “SugarPop!” Released By BetSoft

BetSoft Gaming one of the largest software developers in the online gambling industry released its latest arcade game SurgarPop!, this game is available for real money.

SugarPop! has a 5×5 Grid Arcade Game style that features a variety of hard candy pieces. When players land on three or more of the candy linked together there will be a payout. Winnings symbols will then be removed which will allow for more symbols to fall in place. The game acts like Bejewelled in a sense expect players will be able to win big. You can end up with a series of triggering wins in this game. Players will also be able to play through a series of levels, this allows for the game to change up and becoming more exciting. The more levels you advance onwards the more you can win.

Commenting on this new game release is the BetSoft Head of Product Development Anthony Locke and he said, “SugarPop! is a new and exciting game for our players to enjoy. The bright colors, changing levels and increasing winning combinations make players determined to play the game and win big. We hope this interactive game exceeds the expectations of our players and licensees.”

Net Entertainment Releases “Twin Spin”

Net Entertainment is one of the more popular and famous software developers within the online gambling industry. Today they announced the release of their latest slot machine “Twin Spins”. This doesn’t come to anyone’s surprise as Net Entertainment is known for providing their players with new content every single month. It’s one of the main reasons why Net Entertainment is considered to be the best.

Twin Spins is a 5 reel, 242 Payline video slot. This game doesn’t come with any theme but instead features shiny diamonds and themed poker symbols designed to be traditional. Players will love this game as there is a unique feature in this slot. This unique feature is that the reels are synchronized which means that the reels spin together. This will allow for players to land on considerably larger wins. You will also be able to land on a wild symbol game feature, allowing for you to trigger a series of wins.

The Net Entertainment Chief Product Officer Simon Hammon commented on this new release saying, “Twin Spin is just one more example of Net Entertainment using the best technology available for slot machines. This provides our players with a out of this world gaming experience and it allows for our market to increase as a company. We can only hope that our loyal fans enjoy this slot game and the innovative game features that we have placed into this slot.”

Twin Spin can now be played with real money, just go to a casino that provides their players with the Net Entertainment software.