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Sky Sports Golf Rights

Sky Sports is a Television Broadcasting Station that has showcased the U.S. Open Championship for the last five years and today it was revealed that they will continue to showcase the U.S Open Championship for the next five years. This information came to light after Sky Sports revealed that the USGA (United States Golf Association) agreed to renew their contract for another give years.

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This renewal will allow for Sky Sports to showcase a total of thirty five U.S Golf Championships over the next five years. They will be able to showcase the U.S. Open Championship, a variety of woman based Golf events and a variety of men based golf events. The United States Golf Association will receive 5% of any income that Sky Sports makes off of advertisement deals. This is a small percentage for Sky Sports to pay as they will be able to turn a mass amount of profit through a variety of advertisement deals and more.

Sky Sports PR Julian Sheldon said the following, “We are honored to be able to showcase the U.S. Open Championship and other various events for the next five years. We have had a long lasting partnership with the United States Golf Association and we hope that we will be able to continue our partnership for years to come, years beyond the five which we were just renewed for. We already have a series of sponsorship deals and advertisement deals being made for the next five years. You can expect big names such as Nike to appear during our commercial time slots.”

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Formula 1 Testing

Formula 1, the most popular racing franchise in the world sees millions tune in for the weekly races that it offers. Those people get to see their favorite racers such as Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton take to the track. Formula 1 Officials revealed that all testing for Formula 1 will now be confined to Europe. This isn’t surprising as a large amount of the tracks are located in the European Union.

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Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO for Formula One Management, said the following, “Today my fellow members and myself agreed that Formula 1 Testing will now be confined to Europe. We didn’t make this decision lightly as we have been debating it for the last three months but we came to the conclusion that Europe continues to offer the best tracks and testing there would prove the true skill of new racers trying to enter the F1 Racing League.”

Recently, Formula 1 saw a new winner crowned champion, which came at the last race of the season in Australia. Nico Rosberg took the championship and commented after the race on what he thought about testing being confined to Europe. Mr. Rosberg said the following, “I think that Europe offers the best formula one tracks that I’ve seen. Australia has some incredible tracks but it is something about Europe’s design that allows for a racer to get true enjoyment out racing while testing our true skill with the vehicles we use.”

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Playstation 4 To Be Released In China

The Playstation 4, the latest video game console to be released by Sony Entertainment could potentially be making its way across the seas once again to China. This would mark the first video game console that Sony has released in the borders of China, due to certain laws Sony Entertainment wasn’t able to release any of their previous consoles in the Chinese Market. This has made Chinese gamers angry throughout the years as Chinese Gamers have known that the Playstation consoles are by far the best video game consoles in any market.

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During those two decades that Sony could reveal their console to the Chinese Gamers, those very same gamers were trying to force their government to change the laws so that they could experience the quality entertainment that came from games on the Playstation 1, 2, 3 and now 4. Those Chinese Citizens were finally able to change the governments mind on the PS4, allowing for the console to be released in the Chinese Market. The Chinese Government has openly said that they will ban certain games from being released in the Chinese Market. Games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield won’t be released in the Chinese Video Game Market.

Sony Entertainment revealed this information during their Pre-E3 Press Conference saying, “We could very well be releasing the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 in the Chinese video game market come holiday season this year. We still have a couple of things to figure out before we can truly announce if we’ll be entering the Chinese video game market or not.”

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts Goes Offline

Call of Duty Ghosts, the latest installment in the franchise that is currently available in stores went offline on the Playstation Network and Xbox Live Network for twenty four hours yesterday. This information came to light after Activision and Infinity Ward had a mass amount of people tweet out to them through Twitter, complaining about how the online functionality wasn’t working at all on both consoles.

Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty hasn’t had one of their games go offline by chance since Call of Duty World At War. When Activision did some research on their systems they found that they had been hacked and implemented with a virus that cancels all online functionality on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. This was proven to be a massive problem for Activision and Infinity Ward, both companies went to work late last night trying to fix the problem and when gamers went to play the online mode in COD Ghosts today they were pleased to see that online functionality had returned.

Activision alongside Infinity Ward quickly got rid of all traces of the virus, allowing for the online mode to run smoothly without any hiccups. Activision posted a statement through their Twitter saying, “We weren’t able to find who placed this hack onto our systems but we have been able to reverse the problem, once again allowing for our loyal fans to enjoy the Call of Duty Ghosts experience online.”
If you don’t own COD Ghosts you can purchase it for $60 at any local electronics store.

Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Does Great Overseas

The Amazing Spider Man 2 opened up this weekend in Europe. During its opening weekend in Europe the movie was able to bring in a total of $47 Million. The movie is earning money 30% faster than Captain America: The Winter Solider did overseas, this in return shows that Spidey is still the most popular super hero ever created in the Marvel Universe.

Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2, a sequel to the highly popular comic book film puts Spiderman against a group of different villains which includes Electro and Rhino. Peter Parker this time around has grown up a fair bit since we last seen him. He has now left high school and is searching New York City for an actual job such as a Photographer. During his searching he finds a man who previously worked for Oscorp Industries, this man loves Spiderman and when rejected by his favorite superhero he grows angry and starts his path of revenge against Spiderman.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 will open up in North America on May 2nd. You can choose to either watch this movie in a regular theatre or live the true experience of this movie by going to IMAX. It should be noted that if you get motion sickness quickly you shouldn’t watch this movie. Spider Man performs wild acrobatic movements while he is swinging through New York City. Those who don’t get motion sickness will only find those movements exciting and thrilling to the eye.

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PlayStation Stores offering Flash Sale

Sony and Playstation continue to give back to their players with a new flash sale available only this month. Playstation contacted a group of different developers in order to offer a series of games for only one dollar a piece. There has never been a sale on the Playstation like this one before and there are quality games available for gamers to enjoy.

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The sale began on Monday April, 14th and ends on April 21nd, 2014. You will be able to enjoy games such as Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2, Gotham City Imposters, Red Faction, Red Faction 2, Red Faction Battlegrounds, Blast Factor, The back to the future game, Spyro, Spyro 2 and many more. Regardless of which game you purchase you will be met with memorable gameplay moments.

Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Red Faction are three cult phenomenon games created by Playstation. These game series have sold the majority of copies during this sale with Plants Vs Zombies falling shortly behind them. Red Faction, one of the cult phenomenon games offered in this sale takes you into another world where everything in the environment in there for you to enjoy. You have the ability to take down walls with explosives and guns, you can jump from one building to the next, you can explore a vast world and do nearly everything you possibly could imagine. Spyro and Crash Bandicoot on the other hand is an adventure game that takes you through a series of levels where you collect coins, defeat enemies and level up.

Poker Players Alliance

PPA Takes To Media Speaking Out Against Anti-Gambling Bill

The Poker Players Alliance took to the media in order to speak out against the Anti-Gambling Bill that is currently being reviewed by the US Senate. This bill sets out to ban all forms of online gambling in the USA.

Poker Players Alliance

The Executive Director behind the PPA issued a statement against the new legislation brought senate by a US Senator and Representative. The statement reads the following, “These two new anti-online gambling bills trample over the rights given to citizens of the USA. Our main concern is that if the US Senate approves these bills then our country will continue to destroy massive industries that can earn huge tax revenues for the USA. Online gambling can be regulated on a federal level.”

He continued saying, “Today there are three different states that offer legal and regulated online gambling. New Jersey, one of the states that offer online gambling earns more than a million dollars each month in Tax Revenue. That amount grows with each passing months, imagine that revenue times 51. Our country would be far better off with legal online gambling and the revenues brought in from various states.”

Thousands of members of the PPA have sent emails and letters to their representatives, governors and senators. These members do this in hopes that one day online gambling can be legalized in the USA. As of right now there isn’t any word on if the US Senate will legalize or ban online gambling on a federal and state level across the USA.

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Playtech Games Launched On Ladbrokes Casino

Ladbrokes, a well known United Kingdom land based and online based operator had their online casino shut down for nearly two weeks. Today Ladbrokes announced that they have re-launched their online casino, the casino re-launched under the Playtech software.

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Ladbrokes previously boasted an array of different developers that all offered a different experience. Certain punters would prefer one software over another and it caused for major issues with the software developers that Ladbrokes licensed. This in return made Ladbrokes re-evaluate how their online casino should run and that is why Ladbrokes removed all of their previous software. You can now experience video poker, online bingo, live dealer games and slots at Ladbrokes Casino.

The biggest perk available to punters due to this transition is software is that more promotions will be offered by Ladbrokes and the promotions will be more affordable for punters. This essentially gives the Ladbrokes punters a better opportunity at winning big bucks.
Managing Director for Digital Entertainment at Ladbrokes, Jim Mullen made a statement regarding the re-launch of the Ladbrokes casino saying, “By choosing to switch over to the Playtech software, we have been able to give our customers a market leading software that has become popular throughout the years. It will enhance the experience we offer and it’ll better the winning opportunities of our punters.”

He continued stating, “The Ladbrokes team has spoken about switching our software many times in order to give our customs a better gambling services through one developer. Unfortunately it took us a long period of time before we were able to afford purchasing the rights to use the Playtech software.”

Jackpot Party’s Closure Confirmed By WMS

Williams Interactive LLC, the previous owners of Jackpot Party confirmed earlier on this week that it’s online casino will be closing down and be converted into a new online casino named “Slots Magic”. This new casino will be owned by SkillOnNet, the gambling firm that purchased WMS and Jackpot Party.

Williams Interactive LLC noted that they as a company are planning to move onwards into the publishing and distribution of casino games exclusively. This means that they won’t have to deal with the extra work that comes with running an online casino.

Chief Executive Group Chief for Williams Interactive Orrin J. Edidin commented on the deal they made with SkillOnNet saying, “We operated, our previous online casino for four years and we realized that we cannot provide the experience we truly wanted due to us having to operate the online casino. We are now going to focus solely on creating casino games so that we can better the experience we provide to our loyal fans. We know that SkillOnNet will be able to convert Jackpot Party into their new version of the casino “Slots Magic” perfectly. We wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to take over the casino and software developers behind the games offered at the casino.”
Slots Magic has yet to gone live in the online gambling market but SkillOnNet has openly said that they are working around the clock in order to give their loyal fans the new experience their looking for.

Delaware’s Online Gambling Market Continues To Struggle

The lottery division for the state of Delaware announced earlier on this week a series of stats for their online gambling industry. Through these stats you can tell that the Diamond State is continuing to struggle with their online gambling industry.

According to the lottery division in Delaware online gambling was only able to bring in a total of $145,276 in the month of January. This does show that the online gambling industry has grown by 3.7% since the month of December. This is small in comparison to the growth that they had in November to December which was 57%.

Internet online poker was the main form of gambling when it came to tax revenues. Online poker was able to bring in a total of $88,390 of the tax revenues for the month of January. This shows that Delaware players prefer online poker over any other form of gambling that the diamond state has to offer.

These numbers are considerably worse when you compare them to New Jersey. The Garden state brought in the total amount of $9.5 Million during January.

The amount of people that are located in Delaware seems to be the main issue for the state. The state only has a total popular of just nearly one million dollars. It also has been said that the citizens in Delaware don’t make enough money to wager a large amount of cash on each spin or hand they make. We are unsure as to what is going to happen with the online gambling industry in Delaware now.