Snap Poker Game being released to public by 888Poker

Video poker still stands as the most popular form of gambling on the internet. This are many different poker rooms out there who are hard at work creating new video poker games. 888Poker is one of the largest poker rooms in the UK and the rest of the world. Today they have announced that their releasing a new Snap Poker Game in its beta form. All players of 888Poker will be able to access this new game and give 888Poker feedback on what they will need to do in order to make the game better all around.

The announcement for this new Snap Poker Game was made by a spokesman of 888Poker on a forum post at twoplustwo. He revealed that the game would be designed like a speed poker game and that the game was available for mass release as of right now. He continued on saying that if players want to access a speed variant games they will be able to do so with 888Pokers Texas Hold’Em casino games.

888Poker will do everything this must in order to update and improve their new Snap Poker casino game. They will take all of the feedback from the community, take the most common suggestions and put them into the game. This essentially means that you the players will be able to create a new Snap Poker casino game for 888Poker. You will see more and more poker rooms start to take feedback from their loyal community.

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