New Arcade Game “SugarPop!” Released By BetSoft

BetSoft Gaming one of the largest software developers in the online gambling industry released its latest arcade game SurgarPop!, this game is available for real money.

SugarPop! has a 5×5 Grid Arcade Game style that features a variety of hard candy pieces. When players land on three or more of the candy linked together there will be a payout. Winnings symbols will then be removed which will allow for more symbols to fall in place. The game acts like Bejewelled in a sense expect players will be able to win big. You can end up with a series of triggering wins in this game. Players will also be able to play through a series of levels, this allows for the game to change up and becoming more exciting. The more levels you advance onwards the more you can win.

Commenting on this new game release is the BetSoft Head of Product Development Anthony Locke and he said, “SugarPop! is a new and exciting game for our players to enjoy. The bright colors, changing levels and increasing winning combinations make players determined to play the game and win big. We hope this interactive game exceeds the expectations of our players and licensees.”

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