Location Errors Narrows Down To 10% in New Jersey

Geolocation errors have been a major issue for New Jersey’s full launch of legal online gambling. Residents located near the boundaries of the state haven’t been able to access the legal online gambling. This is due to the boundaries of New Jersey hitting New York State, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The amount of areas that were located in these Geolocation Errors have yet to be released by the firm that has been helping resolve the issue. GeoComply has noted that many citizens within the bordering states have been trying to access the legal online gambling. GeoComply has been working around the clock so that it may solve the current Geolocation errors that still stand as an issue.

New Jersey had more gambling news coming out of their state other than the Geolocation Areas. Payment transactions haven’t been processed correctly for certain players within the Garden State. The issues have been resolved and credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard have increased the amount that players may deposit.

Overall the launch of legal online gambling in New Jersey has gone well, the amount of people registering accounts within the state is growing each day. New Jersey stands as a hallmark for what the other states in the USA should be doing. As more states continue to legalize online gambling the government will take a look at the profits being gained from the states and then legalize online gambling on a Federal Level.

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