Malware Bug Targets Online Poker Players

A Russian Malware virus has struck the online gambling industry by force! All online poker players are now being warned to watch for any Russian Malware on their computer. This virus is specifically designed to target online poker players and has caused damage to many who have been infected by it.

The malware is called i2ninja and it can be spread through a variety of methods such as spam emails, attacking websites that have exploit kits on them and also through previous botnets that are still active today. Those who are infected by this new malware computer virus will have their information comprised, meaning you’ll lose personal information or credit card information. The bug has been designed to target only online poker pokers and the virus is now on several well known online poker brands. Until the virus is resolved it has been recommend that online poker players don’t gamble, this way your computer won’t be affected by any viruses.

Players who want to protect themselves from the virus in different ways should be careful at which online poker room they play at, watch the attachments you open via an email and make sure that your anti-virus software is at its latest update. At this stage it would be ideal not to register with any poker room unless you know of it and it has been around for some time and has proven as a safe site to play at.

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