Delaware’s Online Gambling Market Continues To Struggle

The lottery division for the state of Delaware announced earlier on this week a series of stats for their online gambling industry. Through these stats you can tell that the Diamond State is continuing to struggle with their online gambling industry.

According to the lottery division in Delaware online gambling was only able to bring in a total of $145,276 in the month of January. This does show that the online gambling industry has grown by 3.7% since the month of December. This is small in comparison to the growth that they had in November to December which was 57%.

Internet online poker was the main form of gambling when it came to tax revenues. Online poker was able to bring in a total of $88,390 of the tax revenues for the month of January. This shows that Delaware players prefer online poker over any other form of gambling that the diamond state has to offer.

These numbers are considerably worse when you compare them to New Jersey. The Garden state brought in the total amount of $9.5 Million during January.

The amount of people that are located in Delaware seems to be the main issue for the state. The state only has a total popular of just nearly one million dollars. It also has been said that the citizens in Delaware don’t make enough money to wager a large amount of cash on each spin or hand they make. We are unsure as to what is going to happen with the online gambling industry in Delaware now.

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