PPA Takes To Media Speaking Out Against Anti-Gambling Bill

The Poker Players Alliance took to the media in order to speak out against the Anti-Gambling Bill that is currently being reviewed by the US Senate. This bill sets out to ban all forms of online gambling in the USA.

Poker Players Alliance

The Executive Director behind the PPA issued a statement against the new legislation brought senate by a US Senator and Representative. The statement reads the following, “These two new anti-online gambling bills trample over the rights given to citizens of the USA. Our main concern is that if the US Senate approves these bills then our country will continue to destroy massive industries that can earn huge tax revenues for the USA. Online gambling can be regulated on a federal level.”

He continued saying, “Today there are three different states that offer legal and regulated online gambling. New Jersey, one of the states that offer online gambling earns more than a million dollars each month in Tax Revenue. That amount grows with each passing months, imagine that revenue times 51. Our country would be far better off with legal online gambling and the revenues brought in from various states.”

Thousands of members of the PPA have sent emails and letters to their representatives, governors and senators. These members do this in hopes that one day online gambling can be legalized in the USA. As of right now there isn’t any word on if the US Senate will legalize or ban online gambling on a federal and state level across the USA.

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