The Amazing Spider Man 2 Does Great Overseas

The Amazing Spider Man 2 opened up this weekend in Europe. During its opening weekend in Europe the movie was able to bring in a total of $47 Million. The movie is earning money 30% faster than Captain America: The Winter Solider did overseas, this in return shows that Spidey is still the most popular super hero ever created in the Marvel Universe.

Amazing Spider Man 2

The Amazing Spider Man 2, a sequel to the highly popular comic book film puts Spiderman against a group of different villains which includes Electro and Rhino. Peter Parker this time around has grown up a fair bit since we last seen him. He has now left high school and is searching New York City for an actual job such as a Photographer. During his searching he finds a man who previously worked for Oscorp Industries, this man loves Spiderman and when rejected by his favorite superhero he grows angry and starts his path of revenge against Spiderman.

The Amazing Spider Man 2 will open up in North America on May 2nd. You can choose to either watch this movie in a regular theatre or live the true experience of this movie by going to IMAX. It should be noted that if you get motion sickness quickly you shouldn’t watch this movie. Spider Man performs wild acrobatic movements while he is swinging through New York City. Those who don’t get motion sickness will only find those movements exciting and thrilling to the eye.

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