Formula 1 Testing

Formula 1, the most popular racing franchise in the world sees millions tune in for the weekly races that it offers. Those people get to see their favorite racers such as Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton take to the track. Formula 1 Officials revealed that all testing for Formula 1 will now be confined to Europe. This isn’t surprising as a large amount of the tracks are located in the European Union.

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Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO for Formula One Management, said the following, “Today my fellow members and myself agreed that Formula 1 Testing will now be confined to Europe. We didn’t make this decision lightly as we have been debating it for the last three months but we came to the conclusion that Europe continues to offer the best tracks and testing there would prove the true skill of new racers trying to enter the F1 Racing League.”

Recently, Formula 1 saw a new winner crowned champion, which came at the last race of the season in Australia. Nico Rosberg took the championship and commented after the race on what he thought about testing being confined to Europe. Mr. Rosberg said the following, “I think that Europe offers the best formula one tracks that I’ve seen. Australia has some incredible tracks but it is something about Europe’s design that allows for a racer to get true enjoyment out racing while testing our true skill with the vehicles we use.”

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