Sky Sports Golf Rights

Sky Sports is a Television Broadcasting Station that has showcased the U.S. Open Championship for the last five years and today it was revealed that they will continue to showcase the U.S Open Championship for the next five years. This information came to light after Sky Sports revealed that the USGA (United States Golf Association) agreed to renew their contract for another give years.

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This renewal will allow for Sky Sports to showcase a total of thirty five U.S Golf Championships over the next five years. They will be able to showcase the U.S. Open Championship, a variety of woman based Golf events and a variety of men based golf events. The United States Golf Association will receive 5% of any income that Sky Sports makes off of advertisement deals. This is a small percentage for Sky Sports to pay as they will be able to turn a mass amount of profit through a variety of advertisement deals and more.

Sky Sports PR Julian Sheldon said the following, “We are honored to be able to showcase the U.S. Open Championship and other various events for the next five years. We have had a long lasting partnership with the United States Golf Association and we hope that we will be able to continue our partnership for years to come, years beyond the five which we were just renewed for. We already have a series of sponsorship deals and advertisement deals being made for the next five years. You can expect big names such as Nike to appear during our commercial time slots.”

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