70,000 Volunteers Needed

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is the new location for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The organizers responsible for making sure that everything for the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics goes off without a hiccup have requested the general public of Brazil to volunteer to help build building’s, stadiums and more for the Olympics. Rio Organizers have made a recruitment program which will seek a total of forty five thousand volunteers for the Olympics and twenty five thousand people for the Paralympics.


The unpaid volunteers would be saving millions of dollars for the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympics & Paralympics organizers which could then be used for medical centers, better stadiums and more. The operations budget given to these organizers is three billion dollars, this three billion must be used to operating the event itself while also building all of the infrastructure’s including with the paralympics. The age minimum for potential volunteers is eighteen and there hasn’t been any age maximum given. ‘Volunteers will gain some benefits from working for the organizers, English Courses will be given to Brazilian Volunteers which will result in those volunteers learning a new language.

The Rio De Janeiro 2016 Olympics & Paralympics registration site says the following, “Opportunities are available for a diverse range of skills and characteristics,” organizers said in a statement. “Some functions require knowledge and specific skills, which will be performed by specialist volunteers in the areas of sport, medical services, technology and languages.”

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