Dollar Ball Jackpot

People always ask how can gambling be profitable online? Why would I gamble online when I can just go to my local casino? The reason you should gamble online instead of going to a land based casino is because online gambling has a higher win ratio percentage than a land based casino. Normally a video slot pays out anywhere from 95% to 98% while a land based casino pays out 75% to 85%. The winning opportunities you gain with online gambling far outweigh the opportunities you have with land based gambling.

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An example for you is a recent progressive jackpot win worth $105,028 was won at an unspecified online casino. This fortunate punter was playing A Night Out, a video slot developed by Playtech when they won the large progressive. A lot of details haven’t been revealed about this jackpot win but what we do know is that this is the forty ninth time that this progressive jackpot has been won and that the punter was only wagering $8 per spin. This is an incredible win on such a small wager.

A Night Out offers a progressive jackpot called “The Dollar Boll” which is a lottery styled progressive jackpot that is available on a number of different video slots. This means that your competing with various other players to win this progressive jackpot. In order to compete for this jackpot you must sign up with an online casino that offers the Playtech Platform, your experience will be met with big wins and thrilling moments.

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