US Sports Leagues Within Mexico?

It appears that United States based sporting leagues could be waking their way to Mexico in the not to distant future. Football stands as king right now in Mexico, having 45 million fans out of the 118 million people whom live in the country. The NBA has also been rising in popularity within the southern country of Northern America. So much so that three regular season games as well as nineteen exhibition games are held within Mexico each year now.

mexico flag

The possibilities for a profitable market are evident and are becoming more so with each passing season. Canada is the only other country which participates in American based sporting leagues, it operates in each one of them. There is no reason as to why Mexico couldn’t be the same. This would also allow for these US based sports leagues to become Northern American Sports Leagues. It would stand as a form of entertainment operating along three different countries.

As of right now there aren’t any plans to launch a franchise within Mexico. The idea of it is just starting to become a reality right now. This doesn’t mean that in a few years’ time we won’t see the first NBA or NFL Sports Team in Mexico City. Hopefully this’ll be the case as something as simple as this can benefit all three countries in a manner of different ways.

Mexico does have a number of issues though; these issues have caused for ties to be cut with the country in some manners. This will be a factor that shall be considered greatly going forward.