Hybrid Blackjack Creates Online League

Blackjack stands as one of the most popular gambling titles available to be played on the internet. Unfortunately, being able to play with an unlimited amount of people at the same time has never been possible. This level of excitement couldn’t be accomplished before hand as you’d need a series of dealers, a larger table & much more to create the same speed of a regular blackjack game. People no longer have to worry about that an online gambling software developer “Ezugi Gaming” has announced their latest blackjack games called “Hybrid Blackjack”. This new title sets out to change the blackjack market entirely overnight.


Ezugi is essentially creating a virtual blackjack league across the globe. Their new title allows for an unlimited amount of players to play with one another through various casinos. Unlike network based blackjack games, where only a few thousand will be playing at a time. This version of the game will allow for millions to be playing at once. This is possible via a new technology Ezugi designed with Uplay1. All of Ezugi’s blackjack games will be synced with one another, further more this sync will be able to determine each casino which offers the same game & the players playing them. There’ll also be a new feature which allows for players to change the table limits, this’ll change each factor on the game board for players in a manner of seconds.

Anyone wanting to play this title will have to wait a week until Ezugi Gaming when it is expected to be offered to all casinos wishing to offer it.