Keno Odds

Before you can understand keno odds, you need to understand the game itself. Keno plays 80 balls numbered 1 to 80; for each draw the house pulls 20 balls randomly and displays them. These are referred to as “keno boards”. These boards can be displayed on video screens throughout the casino. The results of the draws are also displayed, depending on the different “plays”.

The object of the game is to get as many “direct hits” as possible, so Keno is like playing the lottery. The 20 numbers are selected at random by a “hopper”, the balls are then mixed together and then read out by a dealer. For online gaming, the numbers are selected by a RGN (random number generator).

There is no one answer to the best way to bet, or beat the odds, as each casino gives its own advice on the tickets on how to place the best bets.

Keno Payouts

The following is a pay-out schedule (guideline only):
Catch Play $1 Play $2 Play $3
3 $1 $2 $5
4 $8 $16 $40
5 $50 $100 $250
6 $1500 $3000 $7500

“Play 6 numbers” means the payoffs won when you choose the winning 6 numbers on the Keno ticket.

The odds are lower than craps but the winning amounts are higher, that is if you read the above table, you could win $7500, by only playing $3. Pay offs reflect your bet, so there is no advisable strategy on how to beat the Keno odds. If you only mark 5 spots of the selected 6 your had winnings are much lower than if you had selected all 6.

It seems the greatest way to increase your odds are by marking as many numbers as possible, but this is not necessarily the case, as the more numbers you select; the more you have to “catch”. This is a great way for casinos to make money out of you.
The odds of winning a game of Keno, and getting “x” amount of direct hits never changes.

Keno offers some great odds

Your odds of winning top prize stand like this:

1 number will give you a 3 to 1 chance;Keno game
2 numbers will give you a 15.63 to 1 chance;
3 numbers will give you a 71.07 to 1 chance;
4 numbers will give you a 325 to 1 chance;
5 numbers will give you a 1549 to 1 chance;
6 numbers will give you a 7752 to 1 chance;
7 numbers will give you a 40878 to 1 chance;
8 numbers will give you a 23,114 to 1 chance;
9 numbers will give you a 1,389,686 to 1 chance;
10 numbers will give you a 8,911,702 to 1 chance.

So as I said earlier the odds are far greater than playing slots or craps, but the payoff is far greater as well. In my short experience playing Keno, I have not beaten the odds; but I have spoken to a gentlemen playing $2 on 3 spots and more than tripling his money. Keno can be a game of guess work but one thing you need to know is how to spread your numbers as well as determining the number of tickets to be played.

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