Triggering The Progressive slot jackpots

Many players tend to think that it is impossible to trigger the progressive jackpots and these can only be triggered by chance. However, the progressive jackpots can be triggered and it require you to keep playing the game constantly as well as maintaining your gaming skill.

The different types of progressive jackpots to be won

Slot manufacturers offer a variety of progressive jackpots and these include the random progressive jackpots and other types of progressive jackpots such as the mini jackpots, super jackpots etc. The progressive jackpots vary from one online slot gaming manufacturer with another. The only way you can trigger progressive jackpots is by playing on max bet.

Many players tend to think that if a slot game becomes loose, players are more likely to hit the progressive jackpots but this is not true at all. You need to know that the payouts awarded by slots are at random and these are given out by the Random Number Generator that is embedded in the slot machine. The outcome of a previous payout is independent to the outcome of the present payout and this is done at random. Even if a slot game awards a progressive jackpot this does not mean it cannot be retriggered again.
Players can find out that in a day a progressive jackpot can be triggered more than once and the random number generator is not biased. It gives out payouts at random and it is programmed to give a return to player rate of 95% to 97% and this does not mean that it will reach a point when it becomes loose and starts to give out consistent payouts as a way of achieving the return to player rate.

How to trigger a jackpot

The progressive jackpots are usually triggered by the wild icons when all 5 wilds appear on a payline. However, all paylines should be made active and the only way it can be triggered is when you play the slot on max bet. The progressive slot game can offer a max bet of $100 per spin and if you do not have a hefty bankroll such as $10,000 and above, and it would be pointless to play a progressive slot game that is designed for high rollers when you are a penny slot player.

If you are a penny slot players, there are progressive jackpots that offers a max spin bet of $1 up to $3 and these include slot games like mega moolah slots and many more offering top progressive jackpots of more than $3 million.

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