Understanding the Gamble Features

Many online slots offered online make use of various gaming features and the gamble feature is yet another common feature found in many online slots. Each slot software gaming manufacturer offers certain slots that offer the gamble feature and this features can easily boost your bankroll with ease.

How a Gamble feature works

The gamble feature gets awarded whenever you have a combination of symbols that gives you a win. This game feature allow you to gamble with your current payout at which you are able to double or quadruple the payout depending on the type of gamble being offered.
The gamble feature basically has to be about guess work and it is optional. All you have to do is click the gamble icon seen on screen whenever you hit a payout. Players are able to gamble 50% or 100% but also may choose an amount between this amount.

The gamble feature has a limit, some slots manufacturers will only allow players to gamble with not more than 4,000 coins whilst others will only allow a max of 1,000 coins to be gambled with,. This means that if you hit a payout that awards 10,000 coins, the gamble feature is not applicable.

The gamble feature varies from one software manufacturer to another. The most common gamble feature is the guessing of the card color or card suit of a card shown face down on screen. Your payout is usually doubled if you guess the card color whilst the payout is quadrupled if you guess the card suit.

Play the most popular types of gamble features

Another gamble feature that is often popular is the selection of a card higher to that is to be dealt next. The dealer will automatically show you a card and you would have to select any card out of 5 cards shown face down on screen and it should be higher than that of the dealer.

Another interesting gamble feature is the new feature that has recently been released by Microgaming that allows players to set your win region and lose region. The gamble feature is like a radar at which the pointer will spin across both regions and stops on any region either lose or win region. Before spinning the pointer, you get to set your regions. A higher win region awards a very small significant payout and this also reduces the lose region at which you are highly like to win and players will keep playing the gamble feature until the pointer stops on the lose region.

A gamble feature can be one that is really exciting but also one that is risky as it can result in whatever was won being lost. There are those who gamble that prefer to go for it all and others who prefer the safe road and not risk wins using a gamble feature. There are arguments for both but it is recommended that if using this feature to only try to double winnings and forget about risking more as the result will often not be favorable. Larger wins it is not ideal to gamble those wins as those are often the ones that build your bankroll.

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