Winning At Keno

Winning at keno tends to be a matter of luck and the majority of players would tell you that there is absolutely no strategy you can apply to win at Keno. The game is all about guessing the outcome numbers and this tends to be very tough because the outcome is random.

However, how do you win at keno?

The game can be played with as little as a dollar but are you guaranteed to get a return out of your investment or you simply throwing away money?

Before you think of wagering on any number, you need to understand the Key facts of the game. For the numbers selected, you need to know the odds as well as the payout. For instance, the odds against any win of a selection of 10 numbers tends to be very high than compared to a selection of other numbers below but if you are able to hit all these numbers, the payout is very great at times you can win more than $1 million.

Therefore, when placing your bets, you need to know the types of bets that have less risk as well as the bets that are easy to hit. For instance, making a grouped bet that more numbers will appear within the range of 1-40 or 41 -80 is an easy bet that can easily give you a favorable return on your investment.

In addition, a player is able to bet that the outcome numbers will have more odd numbers than even numbers and the reverse is true. However, it’s a matter of chancing but grouped bets are a lot easier when compared to straight bets but the only setback is that the payout is not high.

Using the right technique can give you an edge

A good technique that can give you a winning edge is for you to be consistent. You need to keep playing your numbers over and over again at which there is a possibility of hitting the jackpot at any given time. One thing you need to know about keno is that for each round, the outcome results are independent from one another and makes use of the Random Number Generator (RNG). For example, certain numbers can come out repeatedly in each round and certain numbers that trigger a jackpot can also repeat itself to trigger the next jackpot again.

Hence, if you keep playing your same numbers, you are able to win something because the outcome is random. Another technique you need to consider if you want to have a winning edge in Keno is to play the game more often. For instance, you can set the number of rounds and total cost you need to play per day and if this process is repeated daily, you will be assured of winning.

The only way to win at keno is to be consistent and play the game more often. You can easily win the first time you play the game but if you need to keep winning at keno, the game has to be played more often and you should actually set a budget for playing keno on a regular base.

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