Winning Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots, which Wikipedia explains as jackpot that is one that constantly increase, at both land based and online casinos have become a massive attraction for players. This is because these progressive jackpots grow with each and every play that places a wager on the game. Since video slots have come along casino have been able to link games together, which are all available under the same jackpot. The games are also provided worldwide, which means they are able to accumulate at a massive rate as more people play at the same time. Amounts have been known to exceed the million dollar mark by far, which is the main reason for these new attractions. Here we will look at different ideas for you to win one of these jackpots.

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One such site worthy of attention is This is a top rated site that offers reviews about the many progressive pokies that are featured online. If you wish to find out exact details about a game, then it is idea to read those reviews. Another good aspect when visiting this site is there are other articles that are offered to enhance the information available to you such as one about Why advances in game audio impacts your experience online.

There are no guaranties that you will win, no matter what strategy you use. This is because of the random number generator used in slots today, but there are definitely way that will increase your chances by a large amount. Professional players have been known to wait for progressive jackpot amounts to increase to an amount where it’s expected to payout. So they would monitor the game and wait for it to get close to the average payout amount before joining in to try win. Many professional players also then use their comp points or a casino bonus so they can play bigger amounts and play for longer.

It’s been said that players can determine the house edge of payout frequency on these video slots by doing some math. To work this out they are either very good at math themselves or they just hire someone to do it for them if they are rich enough. Each spin needs to be calculated to provide the best possible result. Figuring out the math to these slots can be rather accurate as players will be able to roughly determine when a winning combination will occur and when not, but knowing exactly when it will payout is impossible. Even if you are the person who developed the software it will still be impossible to tell due to the slots working on a random number generator, which means players will need to have good old fashion luck to trigger the jackpot or any combination for that matter. This timing cannot be determine as it involves many different combinations that occur each time you press the spin button. Earlier slots were somewhat different but todays machines payout at complete random.

One could attempt to do the math behind the game with the hoper of estimating when the jackpot may payout, but also keep in mind that the perfect code will need to be hit to get this jackpot. Software developers are also able to program the game to make the game hold back on the jackpot combination. So knowing for sure when it will payout is impossible. The best players will be able to do is look at the averages of these payouts and try win it that way, but this is no guarantee at all.

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